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Title: OpenGoo should use proper bug reporting tool
Post by: mixmax on November 23, 2009, 09:17:43 pm
Using a forum for bug reporting doesn't work very well. It's extremely difficult (if not impossible) to track bugs this way.

Why isn't Mantis, Jira or some other useful tool being used for these purposes??
Title: Re: OpenGoo should use proper bug reporting tool
Post by: ignacio on November 24, 2009, 11:20:42 am
Hi mixmax,

We have been discussing this issue for long. We plan to use a bug tracker but we haven't decided on which to use yet. We are even considering implementing a bug tracking module for OpenGoo that we would use.

But using the forum also has some advantages, including:
    - it is one centralized place for all kinds of communication, including bug reporting (we are already having some problems of getting comments through the wiki or though the blog.)
    - everyone has experience using a forum but not a bug tracker
    - we are already accustomed to check bugs in the forum (is this a valid reason? :P)

But we know that a forum has some shortcomings as a bug tracker, so we plan to implement a bug tracking system as soon as we can dedicate some time to it.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Title: Re: OpenGoo should use proper bug reporting tool
Post by: mixmax on November 24, 2009, 04:20:21 pm
The problem with using the forum is that you have no way to capture the relationship between bugs, releases, browser, steps to repeat the bug...etc.

I wouldn't go so far as adding a bug tracker at this point. eGroupware is a disaster (IMHO) in their attempt to add so many different modules without having the resources to implement them properly or maintain them. SugarCRM, to some extent, is the same: they have a lot of modules but a lot of them don't work particularly well (e.g. the email module, even though it was recently revised; the bug tracker, which is feature poor vs the other solutions out there).

I would concentrate on perfecting the other modules first. I'm looking for a replacement for our customized version of Web2Project, a fork of dotProject, which is too confusing for users. I also created an internal fork of ProjectPier, which was never deployed because I just find that that platform (even the current ActiveCollab) is too lightweight for project management with regard to the user interface (how information is accessed, presented, etc.). Clearly, OpenGoo has made quite the progress since I last looked at it (when it was first forked).

Contact me by email if you need administrative help to setup a bug tracker.