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Title: security for Applications
Post by: bert on July 07, 2009, 09:49:49 pm
How-to apply opengoo security access in applications/plugins

I've installed dokuwiki in a new tab using http://forums.opengoo.org/index.php?topic=476.0 (http://forums.opengoo.org/index.php?topic=476.0) and many other topics. I've place dokuwiki source code in application/views/dokuwiki folder I have created for.

It's work fine at all, but :
- Is it possible to reuse the opengoo auth mechanism to identify users in dokuwiki
- Is it possible to go to a specific wiki page depends on workspace currently used
- It's actually possible to access directly to dokuwiki without opengoo login by typing the full URI like http://mydomain.com/opengoo/application/views/dokuwiki : it's a security issue for me (I know it's possible to activate authentication in dokuwiki)
- Is it possible to redirect to opengoo login page if the user isn't authenticate by opengoo

I'm not a developper and i search some help on this forum. I think it's possible if we hack partially dokuwiki code but i don't know how.

If someone can resolve this, I am ok to rewrite/complete the helloword application documentation (in poor english :-[ and french), I think it will be possible to add opengoo authentication mechanism for any application added in opengoo.
Title: Re: security for Applications
Post by: skypilot on July 08, 2009, 05:00:08 am
If you need a WiKi in OpenGoo, you might be interested in this thread (http://forums.opengoo.org/index.php?topic=2089.0). (it seems you read french)

Sure, It doesn't solve your security issue, and Wikiss has less features than Dokuwiki.
Anyway, modifying a < 100Ko program is easier than modifying Dokuwiki witch is > 7mb !

Rewriting french documentation is on the way,  volunteers are welcome !
Title: Re: security for Applications
Post by: bert on July 29, 2009, 01:13:41 pm
I have allready integrate Dokuwiki in opengoo and it's work fine.

Now, we want to go in a special page of dokuwiki in function of selected workspace. We spend lot of time to understand how to get selectedWorkspaceid in layout.js file, but it doesn't work.

If we can do that, we 'll can put the workspaceid in the url passed to dokuwiki and doesn't need to modify dokuwiki code.

Can someone help me ?
Title: Re: security for Applications
Post by: carlos on July 30, 2009, 12:39:02 pm
Hi bert,

Glad to know you had success with Dokuwiki! If you wish to retrieve the active workspace id, you can do so through the workspace selector tree:

var tree = Ext.getCmp('workspaces-tree');
var activews = tree.tree.getActiveWorkspace();
var id = activews.id;

hope this helps
Title: Re: security for Applications
Post by: UmbertoM on October 20, 2011, 08:49:38 am
Hi bert,
I'm interested in integrating Dokuwiki into Feng Office, so I wonder if you succeeded in solving the problems listed in your first post - and more in general if you are willing to share some updated guidelines on the process.

Thanks in advance,