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Title: New UI Experience
Post by: fengy on March 21, 2012, 05:29:57 pm
First I would like to congratulate the Feng team about Feng 2 - looks great!

If you allow me, I would share a bit of criticism about the interface:
To be honest, the new interface in Feng 2.0 is not better than the UI of 1.7.5, actually I find it worst in terms of graphics and usability

Don't get me wrong - I love feng, but I really would love to see such improvements in it.

While I applaud the new things in Feng 2, I believe that users will benefit from other things such as:
- New improved UI
- More Social functions: conversations, notifications
- Rich text support for Notes and a wiki style editing where you can edit only parts of the note
- Folders for documents
- Mobile support: native apps for iPhone, iPad
- Cloud sync

Hope that the link above can bring some inspiration to the Feng team!

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Title: Re: New UI Experience
Post by: melvinOFucw on January 06, 2013, 11:09:20 pm
Fairly good points.

The UI is pretty good so far (in terms of the community edition at least). There are definitely bits I find a bit counter productive at times, but you can work around them.

Notifications: A great thing to have, with a bit of a stickler to them. If you mean 'email notifications', then you end up having to add an external process that checks for out going notifications to send. In the hosted version, this is easy. If you have your own server, this is easy. If you are like me, and run it on a hosted web server, then this is not easy at all.

Wiki editing of notes, and the currently implemented WYSIWYG editor are at odds with each other. You would have to choose one over the other. Or you burn valuable development time creating a whole new technology to support both modes in real time in parallel. That time is better invested in bug bashing and feature polishing.

Folders: A great idea that can be used in several places to organize information. Files, Notes, etc

Native apps: Kind of inconsistent for a web app, especially this early in its life cycle. To implement it you have to keep large copies of all the data on the mobile device and try and sync it to the master system when you still have connectivity. It is better to focus on compatibility with more browsers, or better support in currently used browsers. Pretty much anything based on Webkit has problems with Description / Comment  boxes (at least in community 2.2.1)

Cloud sync? This is the cloud. What more do you want to sync it with?

It would be sweet if it could make your documents available as a webdav site (like dropbox / box.com)
Title: Re: New UI Experience
Post by: gepd on June 10, 2013, 01:38:54 am
Cloud sync? This is the cloud. What more do you want to sync it with?

It would be sweet if it could make your documents available as a webdav site (like dropbox / box.com)

I think when he said cloud sync he meant sync with dropbox or similar, actually you can paste a dropbox or any link to upload your document but a deep integration will be better

I agree to assign a dropbox/gdrive/skydrive account to one or all proyects by the APPI would be really nice.
Title: Re: New UI Experience
Post by: conrado on June 19, 2013, 09:27:02 pm
All discussion points noted.

All great feedback. Thanks!

In fact, we have discussed deeper integration with other services.

@Gepd, great comments.

@melvinOFucw, you make very good observations. I would have said it very similarly.

@fengy, we love constructive criticism.

Just so everyone reading here knows, WISIWYG is a configurable option (I don't remember where to set it, and don't feel like searching right now... lots of work!)

Comments and Notifications are working well and people love them. With time (after the whole team is in Feng Office), people start to get a bit too many. That is why we have added settings to lower the amount of e-mail. Plus, we have plans to improve this even more.

Folders are now an option in the Professional Edition.

Mobile support: we are doing quite well with the HTML5. It is currently available for the Professional Edition only, but we have plans to enable it for the Community Edition in the future. We are also working with partners to develop native apps.

Any additional comments and ideas will be much welcome.

[Note: @fengy, I removed a gratuitous reference to another system on your original comment. Everything else I left as it was. We respect and value our competitors. We admire almost all of them. But we have a policy not to make references to them on our forum -neither good or bad-, unless it is absolutely necessary. I hope you understand.]