Feng Office 1.7 RC3 has been released!

By 23 June, 20106 Comments

WARNING: This release is not suitable for production environments. It’s only for evaluation and testing purposes.
Download here.

Changes since 1.7-rc2
bugfix: Double refresh necessary to view mail inbox
bugfix: Last instance of a repetitive task not showing in calendar when repetition is until a date.
bugfix: Task end date being incorrectly saved
bugfix: Object picker filtering not working correctly
bugfix: Email not going into workspace
bugfix: Reporting error sorting by Workspace
bugfix: Solved Error: ‘A[C.xtype||D]’ is not a constructor when browsing workspaces
bugfix: One calendar event appearing in wrong date in specific scenario.
bugfix: Task dates issue
bugfix: Wrong dates when deleting and restoring comments
bugfix: Birthday dates are always shown in calendar.
bugfix: Time slot edit looses billing info
bugfix: Using drag + drop does not register in application log
bugfix: Parent task picker not working
bugfix: Empty trash bug deleted objects incorrectly
bugfix: Added color for urgent issues in task view
bugfix: User could accept other users invitation to event.
bugfix: Dates issue in comments
system: Cleared warnings
system: Some language fixes


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