Feng Office 1.7 BETA has just been released!

By 17 March, 201024 Comments

WARNING: This release is not suitable for production environments. It’s only for evaluation and testing purposes.
Download here
What’s new in 1.7 BETA?

– A new “Latest activity” widget in dashboard that shows the latest activity for the current workspace.
– Export reports to CSV (that you can import in external programs like Excel) or PDF.
– Improved email experience. Operations are now snappier and performance has been improved. The listing is now refreshed automatically.
– Added Guest users. Invite someone to your installation with read-only access.
– Added support for LDAP.
– Added a 5-day view for the calendar.
– More information is logged now, like user accesses to an object, so that you can know whether the user has seen the object.
– Email notifications are now in HTML format.
– Added a Help panel.
– Added an Urgent priority level for milestones and tasks.
– Added an action in the emails toolbar to mark as SPAM all selected emails.
– Allow to specify date properties for milestones in templates.
– When sending linked attachments to an email address not belonging to a user, a guest user is created for that email address.
– Added versioning for file weblinks.
– Several bug fixes.
Please report bugs to


  • Alex says:

    And still no spreadsheet apps… Such a disappointment !
    Once again, this release is more a maintainance release than a release introducing “new” features. And still no roadmap for future developments…
    I really think it is time for Fengoffice to become “professional” and:
    – listen to its users, introducing requested features like spreadsheet or gantt graph.
    – publish a roadmap so that users can plan their implementation

  • Alex says:

    Call it 1.6.3 not 1.7. It does not deserve it.

  • cebbz says:

    its would be great to include acknowledgments (accus

  • Alex says:

    Are you too busy to publish my previous comment about the absence of spreadsheet app and new features or… should I consider that there is some kind of CENSURE in the fengoffice “community” ?
    Honestly, at the time of OpenGoo, I believed you would be able to create a real community (like eyeOS did) but the truth is that you do NOT care about the community. You just want to make money and care about “clients”. Such a pity and a shame for all who supported you at the beginning…
    Unfortunately (for you), most projects using your commercial plan just failed.

    • marcos says:

      I must tell you I do not agree with your view towards Open Source and Free Software.
      I was really surprised with what you mentioned here. I see you don’t believe in developing features for free for the community, but you believe we should develop the features you choose for free.
      Anyways, thanks for giving us the chance to explain some points:
      * Development is guided by customer and user requests
      * Popular community requests are always considered (some can be built easily, others need sponsorship)
      * We try our best while assigning resources (i.e. if more of us are dedicated to development, less of us are dedicated to the forums)
      * We do care a lot about our community, which I believe.
      Answering to other remarks you made:
      * We do not support censure
      * You are right: most projects fail. And that is true for every type of project with every type of commercial plan.
      * Spreadsheets are being developed as a subproject; feel free to help with the development. Meanwhile, you can read what other project contributors think about spreadsheets here.
      * Gantt chart integration is already possible. Try it, share your thoughts. Help the community improve it. Construct with a positive attitude.

  • Ap.Muthu says:

    Where is the Public SVN repository for FengOffice ?
    Is it truly OpenSource without a browseable SVN / CVS ?

  • marcos says:

    We are evaluating a switch to SVN or GIT and meanwhile have stopped using SourceForge CVS (due to performance issues). We appreciate your help with this issue.

  • Please, fix the upgrade script. I had to edit it to make it working. Waiting for a stable 1.7, any ideas about the release?

  • Ludek says:

    And still no spreadsheet… :-((
    It is very bad message. Feng Office is great solution.
    But without spreadsheet I can not use it..
    I really do not understand it, because there are many open source projects that could be successfully integrated. For (only one example, ingegrace tables in the Drupal CMS is doing better now than Feng OFFICE (!).
    I thing, it is truly a loss for this project. From the beginning it was claimed that the table will come soon. Now it looks like false advertising.
    It bothers me even more, that I worked on localization with the hope, that this project I will be able to use for me in the future.. 🙁

  • Michael says:

    To list another perspective, I honestly don’t feel the need of Spreadsheets or other office tools. Why would we need Yet Another Web-based editor?
    Contrarily, I’m afraid that this move will make FengOffice (or, ex-OpenGoo) loose some focus on what it is currently doing great: a very usable, plain collaboration suite. As collaboration suites are already complex pieces of softwares per se (myriad features, multiusers, multi object types, difficult data organization and retrieval etc), it’s gonna be a big challenge for the Feng Office team to keep up a great product with two targets at the same time.

  • Conrado says:

    I am sorry Feng Office doesn’t work for you as it is, and sorry if we have generated expectations not met.
    There is a spreadsheet developed. It is just in a state at which we (the core developers) don’t deem it appropriate for supporting as part of a default setup.
    Nothing forbids others from developing it further.
    At the moment, we don’t believe a better online spreadsheet editor -as much as we would like to have it- should be our priority. We are currently focusing on other developments.
    @Michael, you are right in your observations.

  • Ludek says:

    Hello Conrado and thank you for your reply!
    I want to apologize a little bit.
    I am seeking solution that allows multiple users sharing spreadsheet (with locks) for a very long time.
    Feng Office promised that the spreadsheet will “comming soon”.
    Instead of that, I read about requirement $ 1,000 for development now.
    I can understand it. But in this case, it would be better to start working on own project and not wait.
    Therefore, I felt a little bit cheated.
    Feng Office is well-written solution with many good ideas.
    I am very pleased that the development continues. I thank You!
    PS: I would like to ask you about something:
    Is somewhere a development version available for download?
    It would be very helpful for me. Thank you!
    Best regards Ludek
    Hello, do You know about some open source web based spreadsheet for many users with locks? It would be helpfull for me, because I cannot find it. I am looking for this feature for long time, because some people realy need it. I think it not exist. (Maybe I am wrong?). I thank You for any tips..

  • marcos says:

    Development version of spreadsheets is included with the code. You just have to enable a way to access it.
    Take a look at the forums, and if you can’t find it let me know.
    Bug reports are welcome. Firefox recommended.

  • Paul says:

    First of all I just want to say that I am thrilled to hear that development continues and I thank the authors for creating such a wonderful product. I use the system myself and have switched several of my clients to using the Feng Office solution.
    I find that Google does a nice job with collaborative Docs, Spreadsheets, and Drawings. Any thoughts on integration with Google Apps? The project management systems in the marketplace so far are sub-par to say the least. This would be fantastic!

  • pvradu says:

    just installed the beta version (1.7) of your software. I know that the spreadsheet feature is missing, but it’s nice to hear you’re still working on it. Starting weeks ago, I wanted to find a free open source collaboration suite. And trust me, I tried them all. Some of them are good, but unfortunately are made in Java, a resource sucking platform, and it sucks. And personally, I know some PHP, not Java, and it’s very hard to debug Tomcat errors. What I’ve seen from the others, they can integrate the whole office editing with OpenOffice running as a server, and they can also integrate a chat solution with a XAMPP server, like OpenFire. Bad part is that OpenOffice and OpenFire are Java based, and I’m pretty sure the integration is Java based, too. But maybe it can be done through PHP. Or, like the guy above me, integration with Google Docs or ZOHO will get the job done.
    Good luck!

  • Trioke says:

    Will two-way Calendar sync’ing be included in 1.7 Final like the Wiki page states? I’m hoping that you will be able to include the feature… One way sync’ing just isn’t that useful :)!

  • marcos says:

    Sorry to say it won’t.
    I’ll rephrase the wiki as it seems to be misleading.

  • weilies says:

    I hope “folder” mechanism will be include in future ver

  • Passer By says:

    I have been looking for an open source solution as everyone else here has but just by stumbling on this froum and reading all the bickering about how the develops dont care about the community, i will be moving on now.
    Hope you can get your house in order.
    Non-Interested Passer By

  • PHPepe says:

    Hey guys,
    We have made a fengoffice version with gelsheet spreadsheet (alpha) integrated.
    You can download it from:
    Good luck !

  • Eye-Tee says:

    Just overwrote my test feng environment with the gelsheet enabled version on sourceforge.
    So far, it seems to be working incredibly well.
    Thanks for that!!

  • Emiliano says:

    And still no spreadsheet apps

  • Mace says:

    LOL. Funny to see people complaining about free stuff. Personally I think Feng Office is awesome. I am going to deploy it for something very shortly. If anything I agree if it had 2 more things: IM (Jabber/XMPP) and a spreadsheet it would be perfect. Maybe just a built in Jabber client for internal IM. Another awesome thing would be to save files as odt but I am sure that may prove a little more difficult to do. I know eyeos had the same types of issues. Maybe exporting the html to odt?
    Either way. You won’t see me complaining. it’s free, it has great features, it’s fast and responsive, and it gets the job done. I’m sure there is a lot more to come from FO. I can honestly say that I would rather use this than Zimbra.

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