Feng Office 1.7 BETA 2 released!

By 1 April, 20109 Comments

WARNING: This release is not suitable for production environments. It’s only for evaluation and testing purposes.
Download here.

Changes since 1.7 beta:
– bugfix: Error when deleting an email from the trash.
– bugfix: Improved the workspace filter’s performance
– bugfix: Missing lang: log comment projectfiles data
– bugfix: Tags of objects without workspaces were not being shown.
– bugfix: Permissions are now better considered when listing tags. (type permissions are taken into account)
– bugfix: Error whgen editting workspace permissions assigned to a group.
– bugfix: Error when adding a subtask from the task’s view
– bugfix: Current time marker in 5 day view is one day ahead.
– bugfix: Task list view shows date one day ahead on some timezones
– usability: Don’t ask whether to keep workspaces when dragging an email to a workspace if the email has no workspaces.


  • Harrow says:

    This is great – I really hope this isnt another April Fool’s post 😉
    Is there an ETA for final release?

  • Ovi says:

    There’s a problem with the cron, when sending reminders:
    010-04-07 12:38:01 – Checking email…
    2010-04-07 12:38:01 – 0 emails fetched.
    2010-04-07 12:38:01 – Purging trash…
    2010-04-07 12:38:01 – 0 objects deleted.
    2010-04-07 12:38:01 – Checking for upgrades…
    2010-04-07 12:38:05 – No new versions.
    2010-04-07 12:38:05 – Sending reminders…
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function html_to_text() in /var/www/html/application/models/notifier/Notifier.class.php on line 558
    Any hints?

  • Unable to update my 1.6.2 installation to this beta. If I enable debug mode I see that there are some new columns in the database, that are not created, like ‘type’ in ‘og_users’. Is there any fix for database upgrade?

  • Ignacio says:

    Hi, after extracting the zip file you have to go to public/upgrade in your browser (e.g. http://my_feng/public/upgrade) and follow instructions.
    @Ovi: It will be corrected for next release. You have to move function ‘html_to_text’ from file ‘application/helpers/textile.php’ to ‘application/functions.php’.

  • Jack Hsu says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed this version,it’s great.
    Feng Office is an efficient useful collaborative system!

  • Koen says:

    I noted one issue regarding archiving:
    I am able to archive tasks, but not the milestones.
    This results in 20 empty milestones being shown in the tasks pane.
    The only thing I can seem to do is delete the milestones itself?
    My current workflow:
    March 2010 (milestone – unable to archive, so empty after archiving it’s sub taks)
    – tasks for March (archived)
    April 2010
    – tasks for April
    Thank you in advance and good job!
    Ps: do not focus too much on spreadsheets.
    It would be nice to have a basic version, but I can do just fine without.

  • Juanma says:

    Great Work Guys!!
    Hold on to that excellent path youre going! I cant wait to see more features in future versions and I hope you have more customers to boost that!
    I love this suite!
    Un saludo desde Argentina!

  • Ovi says:

    Thanks a bunch Ignacio, I’m a happy camper now. 🙂

  • Boris says:

    I also have problem with the cron
    2010-04-28 10:02:01 – Checking email…
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function html_to_text() in /home/***/www/application/models/mail_contents/MailContent.class.php on line 657
    Any hints?

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