Feng Office 1.7.4 released, available in 25 languages

By 14 March, 20119 Comments

WorldWe are very happy to announce the release of Feng Office version 1.7.4.
Feng Office 1.7.4 improves over the previous release, fixing several bugs and adding new features and updates.


One very cool milestone has been reached with version 1.7.4: Feng Office is now available in 25 languages (and a few more coming soon).
Feng Office is currently available in:

Bulgarian Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional)
Czech Dutch English Finnish
French German Greek Hungarian
Italian Japanese Korean Lithuanian
Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian
Spanish (Spain) Spanish (LA) Swedish Turkish

This achievement was made possible by the extraordinary contributions of hundreds of Feng Office community members around the world.

Bugs fixed

The list of fixed bugs can be read on the release notes. It is not that much fun to list them again, but it is worth commenting that Feng Office robustness, one of the team top priorities (if not “The” top), is greatly improved by this release.

Improved Performance

Performance is another one of the most important characteristics of any information system.
As the number of users and the volume of information stored and managed on our biggest customer accounts increase, some queries start to naturally slow down. Performance issues then become noticeable, and even bothering.
That is why version 1.7.4 includes performance improvements like:

  • Addition of DB tables indexes to improve query performances
  • Improvements on the algorithm for “new e-mail” polling
  • Improvements on the algorithm for “reminders” polling

Again, performance is a critical issue for us. Coming versions will also include additional performance improvements.

Rolling out

Feng Sky rollouts are set to begin this Tuesday (March 15) at approximately 3:00 PM (GMT).
Feng Onsite updates will become available this coming Friday (March 18) at approximately 3:00 PM (GMT).
Community Edition users are encouraged to update at any time. As always, your contributions with further testing and suggestions are more than welcome. You can download Feng Office version 1.7.4 here. And remember to always backup your system before doing any changes!

Reporting issues

In the case you find any issue with the new version, please report them at the support tickets system if you are subscribed to Feng Sky or Feng Onsite Services. Also, everyone is welcomed (and greatly encouraged) to report directly onto the bug tracking system.
If you would like to suggest an idea to improve Feng Office you are welcome to start a discussion thread at the Forum.


  • Toby says:

    I first want to say THANK YOU for a great piece of work. Feng Office is so much more user friendly, and a lot more flexible, than a number of other groupware platforms I’ve tried.
    I am currently trialing out the CE on a small user group, and just got the notice of the update to 1.7.4.
    When I try to run the auto-update, the application state that ‘There is no upgrade path from version to 1.7.4.’
    Is there likely to be a patch relesed that will update a installation, or should I just update it manually?
    Once again, thank you so much for releasing this into the community. Given a little more development (spreadsheets!!) it will walk all over a certain Monolithic alternative.

  • Tom K. says:

    Hmmh, another try (thy comment system seems to have a problem with apostrophes):
    I got the same problem when trying to auto-update. Is there any hint for solving this?
    BR Thomas

  • Francisco says:

    Hello to you both! It is great you like using Feng Office!
    Regarding the autoupgrade function to 1.7.4 version, it cannot be done yet because we have yet to enable it, but on the mean time you may upgrade your installation manually, which would be exactly the same except for the fact that it is not automatic hah.
    Best regards,

  • Jim says:

    Hello to all
    First I want to thank and congratulate you on the Feng Office application.
    However I am now receiving the error when I upgraded
    The following errors were found :
    * Could not make the query numbered : 9
    MySQL Error No : 1064
    MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘USING BTREE ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci AUTO_IN’ at line 18
    Any ideas? The last version worked great.

  • Francisco says:

    Hello Jim,
    I have noticed you have already posted in forums about this issue, so lets keep the conversation in there.
    Best regards,

  • JAck says:


  • Carlos Devia says:

    Do you plan to upgrade to the last EXTJS 4. It seems to have great performance increases.

  • marcos says:

    @Carlos Devia: We are still evaluating our strategy regarding Ext Js 4.

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