How to add your First Project

In order to add a New Project from the Overview tab, you must do the following (Similar to adding a Client):

  1. Go to your Overview Tab.
  2. Click on Add a New Project on the Projects Widget.
  3. Enter your Project's Information
  4. Select Save Changes

In order to add Projects (or Workspaces, Folders, Clients, etc.), you must enable the Navigation panel (if not enabled yet), by clicking on the small arrow indicated below:

After enabling the Navigation panel, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on View More at the bottom of the panel, and Enable Clients & Projects (if not enabled yet).
  2. Go to View All.
  3. Then, Click the Add (plus) Button and select Project.
  4. Enter the Project's Information.
  5. Hit the New Project Button.

This feature automatically assigns a number (or more complex code) correlative for new projects, proposals, work orders, etc. To make use of it, please go to Settings → Configuration → General → Use automatic incremental prefixes in names: → check Project.

If this option is enabled for projects, then when adding a project, an automatic generated number will be prepended to the name of the project (idem for other object types if selected).

NOTE: this feature is only available for the Professional and Enterprise editions of Feng Office