Hi Everyone!
We continue working to make Feng Office better for you, and this is why we want to introduce you to the brand new Expenses module!


The Expenses Module gives you the power to:

  • Keep track of all the money spent on Clients, Projects, Specific Tasks and more!.
  • Never forget to invoice and get paid for your work faster.
  • Improve your ability to estimate new project budgets accurately.
  • Track profitability on projects, clients as easily as on time and materials for the projects.

Features of the Expenses Module:

  • Graphs for you to keep track of your expenses in a practical and quick view.
  • Status selection to know if your expenses are approved, budgeted, pending, and more.
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of payments to an expense, allowing you to set the number of installments of the payment.
  • Filter by Date Range and Status, for a quicker view of the specific expense you want.
  • Make detailed and summarized payment reports that list the expenses grouped by clients and projects.


We hope you enjoy this new expenses module, and remember to follow us on Facebook to keep updated on the new improvements that will be arriving very soon!!
If you want to try it, or if you have any feedback on this module (or Feng Office itself), feel free to comment below or contact us here.


  • Rick Scherle says:

    1) I’m interested in trying the expenses module.
    2) It would be great if you would put a date on your blog posts so that we can see how current they are.
    Thanks a bunch,

  • Terry Brown says:

    is this module also available to the open source version?

  • Conrado says:

    #1: Sorry for the late reply! We should do a much better job at keeping up to date with the blog.
    If you haven’t had a chance to test the expenses module yet, and are still interested, we will contact you soon.
    The expenses module is part of the Enterprise Edition. You can see the modules that are available for the Community (Free download) Edition (CE), the Professional Edition (PE) and the Enterprise Edition (EE) here:
    All modules are open source, but not all are free to download, and not all are compatible to the Community Edition.
    If you are interested in trying it please let us know.

  • Ramee says:

    Can we try the expense module in our feng office installed in our server.

  • Ramee says:

    Hi, Can we try the expenses module to be added in our current setup.

  • francisco says:

    Hello Ramee,
    Thank you for contacting us here as well!
    It is great to know that you want to give it a go to the Expenses module as many of our clients are getting lots of advantages by having this information integrated with everything else related to their projects.
    However, I am afraid that you cannot try it out just like that in your server without getting a contract first.
    What you may do though is one of the following:
    A- Create a trial account in our cloud
    B- Try it in our demo:
    Hope it helps!
    Best regards,
    Francisco Ponce de Leon
    Feng Office Team

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