Back at blogging!

By 27 June, 20172 Comments

With a flood of interest and new clients signing up over the past week I thought I would turn my attention back to our blog and engaging the community.

Over the past year and a half we’ve been busy setting up our headquarters in Austin, Texas, bringing on new talent and investing in building the product. It’s been busy and I’m excited to be back here blogging again!

A big part of this spike in sign-ups was generated by the news that IQTell is planning to shut down at the end of July. And although I’ve been meaning to talk about our 3.5 release for weeks months now, the concerns of this large group of new users made it urgent to make a public statement.

I will follow up with this statement, and a ton of news and information after that. Stay tuned!



  • Michael says:

    Thank you for blogging again! The lack of announcements for a while had me a bit worried about the future of Feng, so I’m happy to see activity on the blog again as well as some very nice YouTube videos (subscribed)! I would love to know if there is any info that can be made public on a roadmap or possibly just an upcoming schedule.
    Thanks for all you and the team do! I love this product and am excited to see what’s next.

  • James Decker says:

    @Michael – thanks for the support! Lots of features coming up, nothing we can publish yet. We will let you know as soon as more features become available. All the best!

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